Psychic Readings for Newbies:

What to Look Out for When Searching for a Reliable Psychic Reader

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Real or Fake Psychic - Howto identify Receiving a psychic reading can be an incredibly powerful experience. Unfortunately, there are many fake psychics today, particularly online.

Many of these have received some training in cold reading, and may be able to give you some general information, but their information will be extremely generic at best.

At worst, it may be totally inaccurate or even harmful to your life and emotional state. Online Psychic readings are big business, and many self proclaimed "psychic readers" are only in it for the money.

So how can you tell if someone who proclaims to be a psychic is reliable?

Read this guide to learn how to weed out the good from the bad.

A Real Psychic Deals in Specifics, not Generalities

If you're speaking with a psychic and they begin by giving very generic, astrology-sounding answers, chances are they aren't a true psychic.
These types of psychics will give you information that could apply to just about anyone.

For example: “You are adventurous and energetic but sometimes this causes you to be foolhardy. You may be something of a daredevil sometimes.”

These traits apply to just about everyone at one point in their lives or another.
In many cases, these psychics will begin a reading by asking for your birth date in order to parrot back to you information from astrology sites, simply stating it in a way that sounds somewhat unique and relevant.

A Real Psychic Does not Ask Leading Questions

A true psychic receives information from their own sense – whether that is clairvoyance (visions), clairaudience (auditory), or clairsentience (feelings, also known as empathy). While they may ask a question or two to confirm information they have already received, they will not ask a lot of questions.

Many fake psychics will ask a number of questions in order to gather enough information to tell you what they think you want to hear. Which, brings us to our next point...

A Real Psychic Does not Tell you What You Want to Hear

Let's face it, life is difficult. While a true psychic will always attempt to deliver tough information in a positive way, sometimes they will need to be blunt to make the point that needs to be communicated.

If you never feel challenged or if a psychic spends the whole reading talking about how wonderful your future is going to be, chances are they're telling you what you want to hear.

In real life, success will take hard work and there will be challenges to overcome. A true psychic will let you know these challenges are coming, and try to help you find the tools to overcome them.

Real or Fake Psychic - Howto identify

A Real Psychic Doesn't Leave You Hanging

Many fake psychics will let you know right at the end of your reading that they may have important information for your future. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough time to go into detail.
This is a common technique to lead you to purchase more time, or to hang on for just another five minutes. It is their job to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

A true psychic would never leave a client hanging this way; they relay all information as it comes, holding nothing back. To do so would be damaging to both them and you.

A Real Psychic Is Passionate About Helping Others

A true psychic lives to serve others; it is the essence of the psychic gift.
Most real psychics would be perfectly willing to offer their services free of charge in order to help another live their best life.

Unfortunately, living in today's society means that we need to have money to pay the bills or put food on the table. Psychics are helpers; they are not driven by greed, but by the need to see others become their best selves.
Their psychic senses connect them in a very deep way to the individuals they come into contact with. This drives them to be honest, concerned, and caring.

A Real Psychic Doesn't Threaten

Have you ever seen a psychic offering to remove a curse, or even to place a curse on your enemies? Run from these charlatans as fast as you can! Psychics who tell you that your family or loved ones are cursed, but offer to remove it “for just a small fee” are attempting to scam you. The same is true of psychics who claim to protect you from malevolent spirits or demons for additional money. If a true psychic felt you were being threatened in this way, they would help protect you from these influences at no additional cost. Ethical psychics seek to empower you, not frighten you.

A Real Psychic Doesn't Take Your Personal Power

A real psychic seeks to empower their clients. If they see you becoming successful, they will not say “follow my advice, do x, and you will achieve success,” they will say “if you continue on your path of hard work, etc., you will become successful.” In the first example, the client's success is placed with the psychic, as it is their advice that has brought the success.
In the second example, the success is placed with the client, as it is their hard work that has brought the success.

A fake psychic will lead you to feel reliant on them.
By contrast, many true psychics refuse to do more than a few readings per year for each client.
Some will only do a single reading every six months! This ensures that the client knows that their successes (and their failures) belong to themselves, and do not hinge on the impressions of a psychic.

In this world where so many fake psychics exist, it is good to know how to separate the good from the bad.
Unfortunately, many websites and phone lines allow anyone to sign up as a psychic without undergoing any sort of testing to be sure that they truly are in tune with their psychic sense.

Armed with the information we have presented above, you will be able to weed these fake psychics out and find someone who can give you true insights in to the questions you need answered.

Author: Jenn Bentley