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Hollywood Psychics Logo Hollywood Psychics is a relatively new service when compared to other psychic reading sites online, and hence it's website has a different look and feel compared to other psychic networks. This website appears to be designed with female customers in mind and the pink colors may put off some of the potential customers. The site is very colorful, young and playful. (Update June 2014: Hollywood Psychics recently upgraded their design - in my humble opinion the site does look a lot better and more professional now).

Hollywood Psychics offer their psychic services trough phone and live-chat on their site.

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Types of psychic readings offered:

Hollywood Psychics offers a variety of reading styles and specialties to their customers a but their reading section frankly is quite limited. Some of the areas that are covered include:

  • Work & Money
  • Sex & Relationship
  • Family & Friends
  • Mind-body and Spirit

The psychic readers from Hollywood Psychics

The Hollywood Psychics Website

The website of the Hollywood Psychics covers all the information about the psychics that may be of interest to the clients. The Psychic mediums profile page includes their area of specialization, phone and chat schedules. Each profile also displays reviews and customer feedback given by their clients and it is interesting to note that they display both negative as well as positive feedback. This is definitely praiseworthy for the site as it gives you (the client) an insight about the psychic mediums, and lets you avoid psychics with negative reviews from their client.

Another noteworthy feature on the site is the compare feature. This feature allows you to select upto 4 psychic readers, and compare their skills, experience and specialties.
Hollywood Psychics compare offerings

The compare feature on their website makes it easy to compare psychics by experience, reviews, style, specialties, tools language and more

The number of choices on their newly designed website seems small, and some may feel that the services provided are very limited, however if you look deeper into their site you will find a large number of options, services offered and available psychic mediums. They provide the option to sort the psychics by type of psychic ability, like, tarot, crystals, runes, astrology and numerology.
The keyword search option can also be used if you are looking for a specific area of specialization like that of medium, past life reader and empath to name a few of them. Some of the Psychics in this network are only availabe for online chat readings, while others will only perform psychic readings by phone.

Hollywood Psychics website preview One of the features that stands out at Hollywood Psychics, is that you have the option to select the psychic based on their reading style say for example, direct, wise, expressive, compassionate and thoughtful.

This is one of the features that i like best about Hollywood Psychics, and a great option if your interest is in a more direct, no-nonsense and straightforward advice while others may look for advice in a very compassionate, gentle and caring manner.

The website of Hollywood Psychics is simple and effective. However, the presentation on the website has a significant shortcoming: the profile of many psychics on the website does not show a profile picture. This is a turnoff for me personally as i would like to know who i am talking to.

The Screening of the Psychics

The website of Hollywood Psychics does not include much information on their psychics screening process. The only thing they have on their website is an answer to the question asked on their FAQ section. The question is "How experienced are the Psychics at Hollywood Psychics?" In answer to this question it is mentioned that the Psychics undergo a very strict and rigorous screening process. However, unfortunately there is no information regarding the testing or the screening methodology used to validate these psychic mediums. So the question remains: how serious is their selection process?

The Cost & the Offers

The psychic readings are provided at a cost which is minimal when compared to the benefits that it gives. Similar to most other networks, Hollywood Psychics provides their service on a "per minute basis" and the cost can vary from one Psychic to another. The cost of psychic reading at Hollywood psychics ranges in between $2.95 to $4.95. However, for new clients the company provides one free psychic reading through email. To take advantage of this service, the client has to open an account with them and then send the question to them via Email; the psychic will reply back through email within the next 48 hours.


The Hollywood Psychics network offers some excellent features for Psychic readings. Especially their review system (displaying honest - both positive as well as negative reviews) is of great help when choosing the right psychic. The company claims it's broad range of psychic readers will end anyone's search when looking for answer in a particular area or for any particular need. Truth is, searching their site has been made easy with the option of selecting psychic mediums through style of reading or by the tools that they use. The feature that makes Hollywood Psychics different from others is that it allows the client to choose a psychic medium through their style of reading like compassionate, straightforward, direct, compassionate and so on.

One Major drawback is that there is little to no information available on the screening process of the psychics and how they are vetted before they are allowed to work on their website. Also they offer no money back guarantee - which is provided by many Psychic reading sites - if the client is not satisfied by the type of reading service provided. Reading trough many user reviews, we are confident that Hollywood Psychics does have some qualified and trustworthy psychic readers under its network, however we found a lot of complaints about them as well. There for choosing a reliable psychic reader from Hollywood Psychics can be difficult. If you are looking for a consultation with a psychic reader there are better options available online.

There are several other psychic networks that provide a better overall service, offer a money back guarantee and offer a more reliable approach.

Hollywood Psychics 2013 Discount Offer:

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Hollywood Psychics Customer Reviews

Reviews Submitted by Hollywood Psychics Customers:
October 23, 2014
I tried many psychics from Hollywood Psychics, but Sofia seems to be the most sincere and talented one. She said she was very sorry for the loss of my mother. She passed away one month before and i had many questions. Sofia was spot on with everything she said. I was feeling very sad and guilty after my mother passed away because due to my job I didn't see her that often. Sofia told me that my mom was not blaming me for anything and that she was very happy with my dad. She also predicted that I would be involved in a crash but no one would be hurt.
Rating: 5 / 5
May 15, 2014
I spoke to Mrs. Tracy from Hollywood Psychics because i read some reviews about her in a psychic forum. It was a disappointing experience.

Obviously the reviews were written by friends of her. She is not a true psychic, she's even sucks at being a "sham" psychic. For instance, one of the things she told me is that i would meet the man of my life soon. (I am happily married to the man of my dreams for many years now). Why the heck would i need to "meet the man of my life"??

The whole reading was uncomfortable, just vague stuff that anyone could have guessed. Nothing was specific, nothing matched my situation, and none of it was true. Also I didn't get a full hour, and she tried to up-sell me a Tarot reading.

Never again!
Rating: 1 / 5

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