California Psychics Readings Review 2013

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There are hundreds of people looking for psychic readings all over the world and there are several psychic companies providing these services. A well known psychic reading service provider is California Psychics The network has been providing professional psychic readings since 1995.
In this review we will discuss their options and we will look at the services they provide in-depth. California Psychics have large amount of psychics working under them and they provide a variety of services. However, if you are looking for an online reading this company is not for you. Currently they only offer phone readings to their customers. The lack of providing the psychic services through live chat is a serious flaw in this digital age and something to improve upon if they want to keep up with their competitors.

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Types of psychic readings offered:

California Psychics have more than 200 psychics in their network and their website makes it easy to choose one which suits your needs. With such a large offer of available psychic readers (200 psychics), it is possible to receive several different types of readings by California psychics. Some of the specialisations covered by the psychics are:

  • Love and relationships
  • Money and Finance
  • Career
  • Dream interpretations
  • Lost People and pets
  • Past Life
The various divination techniques offered by California Psychics includes:

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • I-Ching
  • Numerology
  • Runes and
  • Crystals
The website of California Psychics provides customers the option to choose the psychic medium based on skill set and experience, and lets customers decide the psychic type of medium: (clairvoyant or psychic empath based) depending on specific needs and preferences on the required services.

Website Impression

California Psychics Screenshot The website of California Psychics is easy to navigate and the look of it is very basic and clean in nature.
The website presents the profile of the psychics and displays the specific psychic abilities for each member on their own page. Each personal page displays all the information about the psychic, the person's schedule and availability and also the feedback left by clients who worked with them.

The feedback in the user profiles is both negative as well as positive. There doesn't seem to be any moderation, which is a great feature that will help you decide if a specific psychic medium is a match for you.
The website offers a page dedicated to FAQ, most of the answers are related to psychic readings and offer a plethora of information. Customer service is easy to contact if you require any help.

Screening Process of the Psychics

The website of the California Psychics dedicates one whole page to describe the process used to screen the psychics who work for this website. They claim that out of 100 applicants only two qualify to be part of the California Psychics network and meet their standards. The psychics who are accepted are rigorously tested and screened. They also state in their website that they continually test and re-evaluate the psychics.

At California Psychics the psychics are continually monitored during their working time to check their accuracy, skill, ability and the way they deal with their customers. They monitor all new psychics for 90 days to check that they are providing to their customers accurate information and that they are working under the guidelines laid down by the company. California Psychics also sees to it that the information furnished is of high standard. The best thing about them is that their customer support service staffs checks up with all the new clients about their readings with the company to confirm that it was a positive experience.
Available Mediums at California Psychics
Some of the available mediums on the California psychics network.

The Cost and the Offers

California Psychics offers psychic readings for new customers at a rate of $1 per minute but, the choice is limited to only a few selected psychic readers.
To take benefits of these offers, the customer has to open an account with them and also register the credit card details to avail these offers. California Psychics, unlike other networks does not provide any free minutes, incentives or freebies to new customers. Registration for their daily horoscope newsletter is free of charge. The psychics at California psychics have their own individual rates for providing their psychic services, when you browse their website you will see that these vary quite a lot.


When looking for a reliable psychic reading then the toughest job is to find the right psychic service provider. California Psychics is a company that provides good service thanks to the rigorous screening process that makes their psychic mediums outstanding. Their more than 200 psychic medium sized network, and their services on various types and subjects is commendable. Another thing to note about them is that they do not offer any freebies, incentives or free minutes. This is a sign that they take their business seriously. They do not lure in customers with cheap freebies. Instead they offer a honest service and are fully confident about the quality of service they provide. However, they will have to work on expanding their features. Providing this service through live chat has become mandatory these days . However if you don't mind contacting your preferred psychic medium by phone, it is definitely worth a try as the psychics enrolled by California Psychics are of high quality and definitely will provide you the best psychic readings.

California Psychics definitely is one of the best choices for reliable psychic readings.

California Psychics 2013 Discount Offer:

Psychic Reading $1 Dollar per minuteVisit California Psychics
Available for first time customers only. ... Expiry: Ongoing.

California Psychics Customer Reviews

Reviews Submitted by California Psychics Customers:
December 05, 2013
I recently had a reading with a California Psychic. I cannot remember her name. She started out well, but soon began to make broad generalisations and giving me simplistic answers that didn't apply to me not even remotely. Is was a very disappointing experience as i really needed to speak to a professional medium. Obviously she was not one.
Rating: 2 / 5

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