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Keen is one of the most well-known psychic networks that started their business in the year 1999. They have a huge list of psychic mediums available that provide a variety of psychic services to customers worldwide. Keen's prices offered vary greatly (upto $20 Dollar per minute!), but unfortunately so does the quality of their psychic readers.

In this review we will discuss both the positive as well as the negative of the Keen psychic network.

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Types of Psychic Readings Offered

Keen has the facility of providing the psychic reading services through phone as well as online live chat. However, be noted that the online chat service is not provided by all the psychic readers in their network. One must go through each medium's profile to check with the services provided.
As said, Keen offers a large number of psychic mediums who can provide a psychic reading on almost any subject and topics you can think of.
The main area's and types of psychic services offered are:

  • Life related questions
  • Love and Relationships
  • Spiritual Questions
  • Tarot
  • Career related questions
  • Money and Finance
  • The list above displays the main specialisation area's and is not comprehensive.
    Other services include: dream interpretations, pet psychics, numerology, other world connection and past life. They have a variety of astrology readings which include Mayan, Western, Chinese and Vedic.

    Keen Psychics Website

    Keen Psychics WebsiteThe website of Keen Psychics is very easy to navigate and offers a lot of information on all psychic mediums.
    All the mediums prepare their own profile page and enjoy a lot of freedom in the creation of their page. Layout, colours and options vary per page, which is the reason why some of the profiles look unprofessional, each profile is different, some very wordy and colourful and some incomplete.

    The huge number and variety of available psychic mediums may seem an advantage to some people, but going trough the profiles one by one can be very time consuming.

    The Screening Process as Keen Psychics

    The screening process, or better: the lack of a screening process is a major disadvantage of this service.
    Keen does not screen the psychics who join their company. This means that anyone is allowed to open an account with Keen Psychics, and anyone can provide psychic services to their customers. Needless to say, this makes the network unreliable and increases the chances of hiring a fraud, instead of a sincere and honest psychic.
    If you have enough time to weed through the large amount of profiles, you may be able to find a medium that suits your needs as well as matches your budget. However, efficiently finding a gifted psychic at Keen is quite a task and browsing trough all the inconsistent profile pages is a major a turn off.

    On a more positive note: Keen does show (un-moderated?) reviews of all of their psychics, so eventually the bad psychics get weeded out due to the bad feedback left by customers. But, those who have left bad reviews have already been duped by these bad psychics. If you are considering to choose Keen as your psychic service provider, make sure that you choose a medium that has been highly rated by customers in order to avoid facing disappointments.

    Available Keen Psychic Mediums
    Keen provides a large selection of available psychic mediums.

    The Cost and the Offers

    In case of Keen Psychics, the listed psychics set their own pricing and are calculated on per minute basis. The costs for consulting with a medium varies from $1.99 up to $20.00 per minute for phone and/or chat readings.
    If you are new to the Keen Psychics they offer 3 minutes of free psychic reading after which you can make your choice. A nice feature is that you can consult with any reader making use of your free minutes.


    Keen Psychic network is one of the most popular Psychic reading sites and possibly the largest.
    There are many great psychics working through Keen, but the problem is that it is difficult/time consuming to find them. The greatest disadvantage of Keen Psychics is that they do not screen the psychics. Unless you take your time to read trough al the reviews, choosing a psychic from them is gamble and can be either a hit or a miss.

    One of the better features from Keen Psychics is that they do offer refunds up to $25 if the customer finds their readings to be unsatisfactory. However, there is a lot of small print in the agreement that you need to sign upfront. Be careful and follow their procedure - also understand that they do not guarantee the refund of your money at all times.

    Keen Psychics can be worth trying if you have an eye for finding right kind of psychic and don't mind sifting trough all the profiles and reviews on their site. Keep in mind that there are several more reliable options available if you are looking to consult a psychic service


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    Keen Psychics Customer Reviews

    Reviews Submitted by Keen Customers:
    January 22, 2014
    I have been using Keen for several readings now, and I have found them to be quite good for those searching for a straightforward and honest reading. There are over a 100 psychic readers to choose from, but i consulted with only 3 of them, so i can only speak for the ones i worked with.

    The Man Whispererer - She works at very cheap rates (1.89 per minute) but her predictions are usually very detailed and accurate. She is a warm and compassionate person. Her energy is comforting and loving.

    Randell - I had several readings with Randell, he has been the most accurate psychic medium that i have ever talked to. Everything he said was spot on, and i mean everything. I have searched everywhere for him to have another reading. But it turns out he has left Keen Psychic network.

    Pearly Baker - She seems to be a part time psychic reader and is hard to reach at times. I usually find her late at night. Charges around $4 Dollars per minute, and is a very straight forward reader. I found her to be very accurate in her predictions.
    Rating: 5 / 5
    November 24, 2013
    I regularly visit Keen when i am looking for a psychic reading, and i have never been disappointed.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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